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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Be you

Today was talking with some friends of mine, and started surfing the web, and I just see so many people trying to please other people and not being happy. So I encourage all of you to be yourself, dont worry about what others think. Live your life . Be happy . For life is so short not to be, and you dont want to get to a point in your life in where you start regretting things like oh if I did this a few years or if I  had asked this person out , just do it , take the chance . So many people will not always accept you for you, but i tell you this, the world is so big that there are many who will and will love you for who you are, so be you , just be you .

1 comment:

  1. I have enjoyed work so much this week I know I give you a hard time but you know you would be lost and bored without me harrassing you . lol well looking forward to what you dish out tomorrow but you ain't putting me in no hospital . lol see you in the morning