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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things i like

I guess this blog I just want to say the things that i like .

the things i like the most are i guess what many take advantage of the most . I love watching the sun rise and the sunset , I love the way the clouds slowly change into things when you look at them , i love the wind blowing the trees making it seem like the trees are actually doing a dance .
I like storms and watching lightning in the dark .
I like when you see someone helping another or making someone who is sad feel like smiling again .
I like watching a rainbow , after the rain goes away .
I  like seeing the moon and stars and thinking there is so much more we still dont know about this big universe of ours .
I like the fact that so many people are so gifted , that they can take nothing and turn it into something .
i like the fact that you can make a friend all across the world , without even meeting them .
and guess what I like you .

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