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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Past actions - Poem by me

Hey everyone Thought I would share one of my poems on here definetly watch the video as it tells a little of why I wrote it .

Past actions - Thomas Wlodyka

When I look at my past,
My heart beats so fast;
The things I've seen, with my eyes,
It makes me stop to realize.

I do not regret the things I have done;
But this burden,I carry, can weugh a ton.
I've learned alot of things, that I will not regret;
But sometimes I look deep inside, and know it would be better to forget.

I do not wish my life to anyone;
At times, i wish I could run;
Runawayfrom all the things I've seen,
So my thoughts, for once, could just be clean.

I feel these things, I know I must face;
So I can just for once, be in that perfect place.
I've learned alot of things, through my past;
And I know, not to keep theses feelings last.

I have the best, life can give me;
So I have decided to let these burdens go free.

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