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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birthday tomorrow June 23

Well its another Birthday coming and I will be turning 31 this year the numbers keep adding and adding , but i really dont feel like I am getting older.
I  want to thank everyone who has been sending me Birthday wishes . I greatly appreciate it and I appreciate you all , who may be reading this today.

Some of my goals this year ( I tend to set Birthday goals every year something like a new year resolution kinda thing ) will be

1. I want to continue to loose weight , another 22 pounds would be sufficient

2. I want to write 20 new poems this year.

3. I want to inspire more people to be themselves this year and not have to follow the crowd.

4. want to be able to learn a few new things , perhaps maybe learn a language , to play an instrument

5 . maybe start a vlog on youtube . that would be a big push for me, of coarse I probably wouldnt have that many followers , just like here not too many follow this , but i do it anyway to put my thoughts on here .

I guess I will leave it at 5 this year .
again thank you all for the birthday wishes

p.s i share the cake with you lol

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