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Friday, August 5, 2011

Today’s Your Day by Thomas Wlodyka

                                                            Today’s Your Day

                                                         By Thomas Wlodyka

Today’s your day, it’s time to rise, it’s time to shine;

Time to figure out just what to do,

It’s time to open and use your mind.

Today you could spend your time

Helping a lost, lonely soul;

Be the change, make a difference,

And with your help,

A friendship just might grow.

You might want to use your voice today,

By changing the world,

By expressing your views;

Opening their simple minds up,

Who, basically, Have, no godly clue.

Today you could feed, help,

And even clothe the needy;

By being an example for all of those,

Who just, may be, a tad bit greedy.

Try acknowledging the ones,

 Whom have helped You become,

 who you are today;

 It would give them a smile, to know that they,

 have played a part, in some simple way.

Again so many things to do today,

24 hours to make things right,

We definitely can change the world,

One person can always stop the fight.

I have only one little thing

I must say.

So just what do you think,

You’ll do today?

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  1. love it... sorry posting from my writers blog check it out if you want as well :)