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Monday, July 25, 2011

It gets better

I was watching alot of videos on youtube and also looking at some websites about the it gets better campaine

and I decided to do a video on youtube , because there are so many  people out there who feel like the walls are closing in and that they dont have anywhere to turn to and feel isolated , and I have been in that situation before and know what they are going through .
But all it takes is an act of kindness , a reaching hand , a friend to tell them you are there and you dont have to go through this alone .
So many people die everyday because of the bullying , the feeling that they cant go through another day .
and I just want you to know that it does get better.
You are a special person , inside and out and the world needs you in it , you have so many gifts and talents that the world needs for you to share.
I know the road may be rough now , but it will get better , you are not in this alone and  the world will get better and they need you to be a part of it because one person can make a difference .

and for those who may know someone going though hard times , take a stand and be a friend , let them know that you are there for them , stand up to your friends who may pick on them , for it makes you a stronger person to lift someone up then to bring them down .

In all
It will get better
always remeber that

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