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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Well today I came back from my trip from Florida , and in a way,  I was really happy to come back , because it was just too hott for me and being January it should not be 80 degrees.

 I actually enjoy the cold weather because it gives me a chance to wear my cute sweaters that I have been finding.

This year I have made a few New years resolutions , But it doesnt have to be the new year to change your life around or start new things you can do that any time. But the ones I said that I wanted to do was

1- Get my new site up and running on Feb 1st

2- I want to do three things that normally i wouldn't do ( I have already done one i went to Daytona Beach , while I was at Florida , and normally I never ever do that )

3- I want to help more people ( I have done good in 2012 , and reached many people out there just want to reach more )

4- I want to more with youtube

I dont think these are too hard , and I  know that I will accomplish these things , I know many people out there sometimes set such  high goals that sometimes they set themselves up for failure . It is better to set goals that you can accomplish and that way you can ease your way up to your higher goals , eventually it will all work out ..biggest thing is having a great attitude behond what you do .
And even if you fail , it's good to just dust your knees off and try again tomorrow ..Never give up

But the nicest thing I did when I was in Florida , was go to the beach. I havent been to the beach in ages , and even though the sun wasn't shining , and was cool .it was just nice to look at the waves and look at the horizon and seeing nothing but water .

you know , places like that gives you so much to think about , and also inspires you as well . I couls have actually sat down with some paper and a pen , and just started writing . but was only there for a half hour , and omg there were so many seagulls , i thought i was in the middle of the movie the birds ..and all i could think was please don't let one of these birds poop on my head .

well till next vlog


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